The OOV comes at the initiative of Pilates Plus, a center run by Silvia Guidi from Knappe, where it may surprise you, since it is much more than just a training accessory.

 It was designed and developed by Daniel Vladeta (Sydney-Australia) osteopath and neuroscientist, who observed his patients for years seeing the difficulties they had to follow the prescribed techniques, which led to the need for an auto-correction device that integrates the learning of movement in our body.

What is the OOV?

It is a revolutionary device, it is ergonomically designed to complete the three curves of the spine and mimic natural movement. It is a proprioceptive and biofeedback tool, which redesigns and improves efficient movement, providing immediate effect on the reduction in muscle stiffness, achieving it without risk of pain or injury. Always under the guidance of an accredited professional to obtain an optimal result.

What can you get with our training sessions with the OOV?

  • -See how the use of the OOV can facilitate functional movement and create stability through improved mobility.
  • -Focus exercises and training methods for the compression of our body.
  • -Apply traditional Pilates exercises to the OOV.
  • -Combine the work with other material such as: bands, elastics, hoops ... -
  • -Power to control the rotation of the pelvis and dorsal spine
  • -Giving support to the lumbar spine, limiting flexion and extension movements.
  • -Teach balance training
  • -Change your daily practice and your vision of functional alignment
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