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Silvia Guidi Knappe

Silvia Guidi Knappe

Dirección y Master Pilates Trainer segunda generación

The training and education will be personally conducted and led by Silvia Guidi de Knappe, Joseph Pilates 2nd Generation Master Trainer, Fletcher Pilates Professional Trainer, Franklin Method Trainer, Fascial Fitness Advanced Trainer and Pilates Mat Trainer. She has a long experience in various Munich gyms: Leos, My Sport Lady, Unsölds, etc.

Manuel Toledo Quiles

Manuel Toledo Quiles

Dirección y Monitor de Pilates.

Manuel, socio cofundador de Pilates Plus, es la persona encargada de la Dirección del centro.
Su formación como Diplomado Universitario en Trabajo Social le otorga habilidades y herramientas para establecer las relaciones sociales, que se requieren para entender las necesidades de los alumnos y adaptarse a ellas, motivando y al mismo empoderando a individuos y grupos.
El se ha formado desde cero como monitor del método Pilates y desde el principio se ha visto
atrapado por su maravilloso mundo. Su aptitud personal y la práctica diaria lo han encaminado hacia la formación continuada y el perfeccionamiento de los ejercicios, siempre de la mano de Silvia, una de las mejores maestras a nivel internacional del método Pilates.

About Pilates Plus

The Pilates plus project begins with the arrival of Silvia in Mallorca, where after having spent a year teaching classes at the main Pilates studios on the island, she begins the search for a unique venue, different from those that are known here. After many visits, he found a place in the center of Palma that housed many possibilities for remodeling. After a long and arduous reform process, this one presents an amazing result. A spectacular room of more than 200m2 has been created, bathed in natural light and with high ceilings supported by wide columns. An open space in which the materials and finishes have been carefully chosen to provide the warmth and harmony necessary for the best teaching method. For this, it has the latest technology in equipment, which is not equipped with other centers on the islands and few in Europe.

About Silvia

El entrenamiento y la formación será realizada y dirigida personalmente por Silvia Guidi de Knappe, Máster Trainer segunda generación de Joseph Pilates, Trainer profesional de Fletcher Pilates, Entrenadora del método Franklin, Entrenadora de Fascial Fitness Advanced, Colaboradora de Centrozen Pilates y Entrenadora de Pilates Mat. Cuenta con una larga experiencia en varios gimnasios de Munich: Leos, My Sport Lady, Unsölds, etc.


  • Languages:English, Italian, German, Spanish.

About Manuel

From a very young age my parents encouraged and promoted in me the practice of sport as a source of health and well-being, so swimming, tennis and soccer were part of my weekly routines along with classes (I think they secretly hoped to that his son stood out as a “crack”) The years went by and although he did not excel in any discipline he was always motivated to practice exercise and with the help of a great friend I started with self defense, specifically with taekwondo. The concentration, effort and discipline that I gained practicing it brought me great physical and mental benefits. But you can always learn new things, so I entered the world of bodybuilding gyms. There were years of new methods, training routines, weight control and diet and that was also very useful for me. With my always positive predisposition towards sports and prepared for a new challenge that would put my body to work, I met Silvia. From her hand and with her exciting and motivating project I have continued preparing myself, using for it her knowledge, her valuable experience and the overwhelming force that she feels for this sport. His enthusiasm for the Joseph Pilates method makes this Pilates center a great project, with which it aims to improve the quality of life of people.

About our training


Pilates Plus training theory is based on knowledge of the anatomy of the skeletal muscle system (muscles, bones, fascia), as well as the importance of breathing. They are analyzed how to correct the different postural problems and prevent injuries.

Psychology, pedagogy and didactics are also an important part of our training.

We train following the guidelines of the PMA and the DPV, that is to say that a few hours of training are allocated for practice and observation.



Years of experience speak for themselves

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