The exercises are performed on a mat or mat, you can add an element to make the class more varied and increase the difficulty. They can be used: Balls, rings or elastic bands, which will allow us to improve elasticity and strength.


Machine designed with Joseph Pilates (creator of the method) that allows you to work several parts of the body or muscle group at the same time, in addition to improving the ability to concentrate by coordinating our movements with those indicated by the machine.


Joseph's star device, hence its name. Due to its size, it is very difficult to find group classes with it, but it is widely used in private classes. It offers a wide range of exercises due to its dimensions and its springs and bars. It is essential for rehabilitation work.


It was created by Pilates, similar to a chair with springs. Despite its appearance, it is an extremely important element in teaching the method. It is the perfect complement to the Reformer and the Mat.


Unfortunately, only the last few years have been given the value that this device has. It is essential when working on postural alignment and to make an analysis of the joint work of muscle chains. It is essential in any Pilates room.


Inspired by beer barrels, with steps particularly suited to the work of the spinal joint. It also allows a wide variation of exercises.


Forgotten from the world of Pilates. Only in recent years has it become relevant, especially thanks to the method of Ron Fletcher, an admirer of this metal and wooden architecture with springs. It is our pride device, since it is the first and only one in the Balearic Islands. Due to its large dimensions we only have one piece and it is used for individual training, since its wide range of possibilities opens us up to many movements that we could not do without it.


NEW in Mallorca. This method is NOT original to Joseph Pilates. But it is very important to learn how to use the important Core of the Pilates method. Fabrics hanging from the ceiling are used and the exercises are carried out both in suspension and on the ground and always using a main fabric with its 2 handles. Exercises can be both very basic and very challenging. Invite to try.


They are offered to visit our center or arrange group sessions at the company, do not hesitate to ask us for information.
Specific training for workers who carry out working hours of impact or with heavy loads or being forced to be sitting or sitting for hours, can cause back pain, which leads to the already known musculoskeletal problems.
With the Pilates Method you can help relieve pain, correcting and improving body posture and just by practicing Pilates regularly for 3-4 weeks you will start to notice improvement.

Pilates para mayores - CONSULTAR

The Pilates method is suitable for all ages. In particular, it offers older people a wide variety of exercises that can be performed to improve the maintenance of our body and promote active aging. Joseph Pilates himself lived healthy and dedicated to teaching until he passed away at the age of 87. 

What benefits does it bring?

-Prevents urinary incontinence through strengthening and controlling the pelvic floor.

-Help postural reeducation through conscious movement, thereby preventing myalgias.

-Improves the aging process and increases the quality of life.

-It favors the increase in muscle mass, which accelerates the basal metabolism and the body's ability to decrease fat.

-It helps the circulatory system, since it improves blood flow, and controls hypertension

- Breathing is a very important pillar for the method, hence its practice is essential to benefit from good cardio-respiratory function.

-When carried out in collective classes, it involves relating with other people, helping to reduce stress, anxiety and social isolation.


It began in the US when parents detected the back pain suffered by children, for carrying their backpacks with school supplies, so they started a campaign in schools to introduce the Pilates Method to improve the health of school-age children. If practiced from childhood it will help them maintain a natural development of their body and eradicate musculoskeletal problems

What benefits does it bring?

-Increase your motor skills

-Correct the body posture from childhood.

-Learn to better locate your body in space and focus more on your movements.

- To better understand your body, how it works and how it moves through your bones, muscles and fascia.

-When doing a group activity, you will generate new communication skills.

-Develop abilities such as coordination, balance, flexibility, strength and endurance

-Improving your relationship skills, helps to increase your concentration, by applying breathing control techniques

-To avoid problems such as childhood obesity or a sedentary lifestyle.

-And the most important thing is that you have fun practicing the Pilates Method


Pilates is one of the disciplines that can best come to you at this time as we work: body control, breathing, the pelvic floor, strengthening of the back and mobilization and stabilization of the spine.

Pilates exercises adapt to the changes your body undergoes, since as the baby grows, the spinal column becomes overloaded. Pilates will help you cope with the changes by providing the strength you need to support your changing body.

What benefits does it bring?

-Promote a correct posture (during pregnancy it is altered by changes in the center of gravity, so body alignment is important so that the pressures do not alter the pelvic floor and weaken it)

-Improve blood circulation, which will help you retain less fluids and prevent varicose veins and cramps

-Strengthen the pelvic floor, which will help you support the weight of your baby, in addition to preventing urinary incontinence.

-Strengthen the musculature of the spine, it will help you correct postures and reduce back and lower back pain.

-When working the pelvis area, its opening is favored so that the baby fits and favors childbirth.

-Strengthen the abdominal muscles, which will help at the time of expulsion

-Good physical preparation of the body will help improve expulsive force during labor.

-Learn to control breathing: through exercises for thoracic expansion, we will increase the respiratory capacity

-Increase lung capacity which helps create more space for the baby in the amniotic cavity.

-Learn to focus body movements (very useful for giving birth)


Nutrición y Deporte



Después del confinamiento sufrido nuestro cuerpo necesita ponerse en movimiento, ya que la inmovilidad y quizás la sobrealimentación nos pase factura, por ello Pilates Plus presta mucha atención a dos aspectos muy importantes para una efectiva puesta a punto: la alimentación y el entrenamiento.

PILATES PLUS te aconseja antes de iniciar cualquier actividad física realizar un estudio sobre cuáles son tus necesidades energéticas, en relación con tu sexo, edad y estado de salud ( las calorías que se queman en la realización de los ejercicios son inferiores a lo que te imaginas).

Te elaboraremos un plan nutricional adaptando las cantidades de alimento en función de tu peso, estatura, masa muscular y la actividad física que vas a llevar a cabo, con la finalidad de incorporar nuevos hábitos alimentarios.

Te elaboraremos un programa de ejercicios que se adapten a tus necesidades

El rendimiento del Método Pilates está condicionado por diversos factores como son la aptitud física, el entrenamiento, la motivación, las condiciones ambientales y muy importantes una alimentación adecuada 

 Para poder realizar una sesión de Pilates, sin perjuicio  para la salud  y poder alcanzar el máximo rendimiento  será necesario que la ingesta de alimentos asegure las necesidades nutricionales según la edad, sexo y condiciones físicas de las personas ,así como cubrir los requerimientos de energía, vitaminas, minerales, macro nutrientes y agua.

Te proponemos una dieta sana y equilibrada, que sea completa y variada, prestando atención a los carbohidratos complejos (de baja carga glucémica) para mantengan la potencia estable,   a la ingesta de grasas favorables (insaturadas) y a las proteínas para asegurar la reparación de los tejidos. Sin olvidarnos de los minerales y vitaminas que regulan las funciones de nuestro cuerpo.

La alimentación juega un papel muy importante por lo que en Pilates Plus te aconsejaremos como hacerlo

Reto de 21 días


Nuestros objetivos y los tuyos serán reajustar tu cuerpo con el Método Pilates  y cambiar hábitos nutricionales que no sean saludables.

Con este programa: perderás  peso si lo necesitas, ganaras en salud y tu cuerpo te lo agradecerá ya que fortalecemos tanto el cuerpo como la mente

Para la elaboración del programa necesitaremos saber cómo está tu cuerpo físicamente, que limitaciones tienes, que ejercicios son idóneos para ti. Conocer cuál es tu alimentación habitual, para ello tendrás que hacer un registro de toda una semana  de todo lo que comes y bebes durante el día, incluyendo un listado de alimentos que no te gustes.

Al cabo de 21 días podrás medir tus logros: te sentirás genial y si quieres te ayudaremos a mantenerte en forma.

Para mas preguntas no dudes en consultarnos….


*NUEVO EN BALEARES: PILATES HIIT (intervalos de alta intensidad)

Combinar específicamente Pilates con un Entrenamiento de Intervalos de Alta Intensidad o HIIT conlleva a obtener resultados excelentes. La variación de ejercicios de alta intensidad con ejercicios controlados de Pilates, fortalece tu corazón, hace que quemes más grasa, y conserva el músculo en la pérdida de peso.La combinación de HIIT y Pilates, significa obtener un entrenamiento completo e intenso durante el día. Cuando se combinan los ejercicios de tonificación de Pilates con el Entrenamiento de Intervalos de Alta Intensidad, el resultado entonces es una mejor postura, mayor flexibilidad, mejor concentración, menos estrés, y por otro lado, mejor resistencia física y un buen metabolismo. Al complementar una rutina con otra, se permite equilibrar el cuerpo y trabajarlo por completo. El Pilates fortalece los músculos y los prepara para movimientos de gran velocidad, donde se requiere mucho esfuerzo, como en el HIIT. La postura es muy importante al ejecutar cualquier clase de ejercicio, por lo tanto el Pilates también nos ayuda a mantener una buena postura en nuestros ejercicios fuertes. Además, en cualquier disciplina o deporte el control de nuestros movimientos es básico. En el Pilates se hace conciencia de los movimientos y se desarrolla una relación mente y cuerpo, lo cual ayuda en otras rutinas de ejercicio. Otro factor importante al hacer ejercicio es la respiración. En el método Pilates, la inhalación y la exhalación ayuda a realizar los ejercicios con menos esfuerzo. Esto mejora nuestro rendimiento en otras disciplinas y nos protege de lesiones. En conclusión, el Pilates mejora nuestro desempeño y rendimiento en un Entrenamiento de Intervalos de Alta Intensidad, y el HIIT mejora la resistencia en los movimientos de Pilates. 

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