By training the fascia we obtain a more efficient body, it becomes more elastic, the healing processes are accelerated and injuries are prevented. Pilates in combination with fascial training forms a wonderful synergy that gives your workouts new depth and effectiveness
Training specially prepared for cyclists, runners or athletes with a lot of muscle fatigue due to the high training load.

Pilates bar

The Pilates Plus center presents the Pilates Bar, the ideal exercise for resistance and muscle strengthening. Also used in the Fletcher Barre technique, for the Fletcher Fusion classes.


Unique electro muscular stimulation system without cables and without the need to wet the suits. This equates to a very important independence when doing the exercises. It is ideal for those who do not have time or do not want to exercise in traditional gyms, since only 20 minutes a week are necessary. Fat is burned (even at rest) up to 72 hours later. Activates 350 muscles at once. Personal training without fatigue or injury. Corrects body posture and relieves pain and above all improves health.


Pilates Plus distributes Blackroll in Mallorca. Blackroll is the ideal tool for sports recovery and self-massage and to release myofascial tissue (connective tissue of muscles and muscle groups). It helps prevent muscle pain and improves recovery, resulting in increased sports performance. It is the best foamroller (Roller)


Forces muscles to contract reflexively. In a traditional gym class the muscle is forced to work much less, whereas with this system up to 95% of the muscle fibers can be activated.
Contraindications: Retinal detachment, phlebitis, thrombosis, back and joint problems, screw implants.

Walking Lolita San Miguel

Pilates Walking by Lolita San Miguel

Mrs. Lolita San Miguel, a teacher of the Pilates Method (first generation), introduced an aerobic component to the method, she did it with the intention of helping her husband who had a cardiovascular disorder. With his method, he achieved that the exercises were not monotonous and that they gave positive results.

Walking consists of a low impact training with Pilates components, it is suitable for all ages, sex and physical condition.

Silvia Guidi de Knappe, (Director of the Pilates Plus Center in Palma de Mallorca) disciple of Mrs. Lolita San Miguel, thinks that Walking could be taught in her center, taking advantage of the proximity of the sea and enjoying the sun on the beach, with the sea breeze.


It is a training method in which the body is taken into account since the body is considered as a whole and conceives the training in a global way, integrating posture, breathing and body awareness.

It is a training method that goes beyond abdominal training, seeks control of breathing and posture to achieve greater performance, body control and stabilizing muscles, improves intestinal transit, stress and anxiety ...

How does Low Pressure Fitness or LPF come about?

Dr. Tamara Rial and Piti Pinsach in 2014 after several years developing hypopressive exercises, took as a basis for LPF the hypopressive techniques combined with rehabilitation techniques (myofascial, neurodynamic) to create low intensity training both physiologically and psychologically, which makes it considered a training method that can be done as therapeutic or preventive.

Who would benefit?

To all the people who want to feel good. Women, men, the elderly, even children could benefit from the applications that the LPF low pressure.


Breathing is synonymous with living! The practice of LPF breathing exercises, regulates the frequency and the ventilatory pattern, it will also help to control anxiety and stress.

The training of mobility exercises and stretching of the thoracic musculature, stretching of the intercostal diaphragm, (the diaphragm is the main respiratory muscle) with these exercises will be improved: lung function, the circulatory, lymphatic and visceral system and transit will be favored intestinal.


One of the objectives of Pilates Plus in the application of Low Pressure Fitness is to achieve the maximum precision of the posture, and the maintenance of the neutral position of the spine

La repetición sistemática de algunos gestos físicos (postura en la bicicleta, carrera, tracción, salto…) pueden crear desequilibrios musculares que son uno de los motivos más  frecuentes de lesión físico-deportiva. Parte fundamental de cualquier programa de prevención de lesiones y optimización del entrenamiento es el la estabilidad central (core training en ingles). Progressive and regular training are the keys to improving the pattern of muscle reinforcement and muscle control.

Another of our objectives regarding central stabilization exercises is to increase the stiffness of the commune and the muscular resistance-resistance.  A spine capable of supporting the upright position and efforts of activities of daily living is a health insurance for your entire life.


Training with anti-gravity techniques will help strengthen the muscles to stabilize the spine with the abdominal muscles and the pelvic floor.

 Hypopressive exercises are intended to elevate the pelvic floor and activate the abdominal muscles. Highly recommended for women in postpartum.

At Pilates Plus we want to "increase your well-being by reducing the pressure"


It arrives in Mallorca exclusively at the Pilates Plus Center, directed by Silvia Guidi de Knappe. It was she who, before the appearance of the Brasils, worked with the Xcos (German product) whose function was the training of the deep muscles of the body, instruments that due to their size made training difficult.

What are Brasils ?.

They are a German product (Togu Company) made up of two small light weights with metal sand inside, they are green and yellow (hence their name) They are an important tool for training the deep muscles of the body.

How it works: the sand moves inside the brasils, activating the bone musculature at the same time. I feel this very important in training with the Pilates Method. Being more versatile they are very efficient for training the whole body, and creating a new dimension on training. 


The OOV comes at the initiative of Pilates Plus, a center run by Silvia Guidi from Knappe, where it may surprise you, since it is much more than just a training accessory.

 It was designed and developed by Daniel Vladeta (Sydney-Australia) osteopath and neuroscientist, who observed his patients for years seeing the difficulties they had to follow the prescribed techniques, which led to the need for an auto-correction device that integrates the learning of movement in our body.

What is the OOV?

It is a revolutionary device, it is ergonomically designed to complete the three curves of the spine and mimic natural movement. It is a proprioceptive and biofeedback tool, which redesigns and improves efficient movement, providing immediate effect on the reduction in muscle stiffness, achieving it without risk of pain or injury. Always under the guidance of an accredited professional to obtain an optimal result.

What can you get with our training sessions with the OOV?

  • -See how the use of the OOV can facilitate functional movement and create stability through improved mobility.
  • -Focus exercises and training methods for the compression of our body.
  • -Apply traditional Pilates exercises to the OOV.
  • -Combine the work with other material such as: bands, elastics, hoops ... -
  • -Power to control the rotation of the pelvis and dorsal spine
  • -Giving support to the lumbar spine, limiting flexion and extension movements.
  • -Teach balance training
  • -Change your daily practice and your vision of functional alignment

With the intention of providing the body with circular movements that it requires, Ron Fletcher developed exercises to perform outside the machines with complementary elements to those that Joe Pilates used, in addition to bringing the work to the standing position. These techniques were Fletcher Towelwork (towel work), Fletcher Barrework (bar work) and Fletcher Floorwork (floor work). The nexus of these three techniques is what we know as Fletcher Fusion and with them the Pilates experience is enriched, by combining exercises that will make the practice of Pilates improve with three-dimensional movements, with which the understanding of the functioning of the waist is improved Scapular and the joints of the leg and foot, as well as the joint of the spine with the hip.

Traditional Pilates is not much different from Fletcher Pilates as they are both based on Joseph Pilates techniques and use the same equipment and perform identical exercises.

Everyone who practices Pilates on the ground will become more aware of their body because it is their weight that creates resistance. Not only will you get the benefits of Pilates by acquiring strength, elasticity, a more correct posture, greater coordination, injury prevention and pain reduction, but you will also have more training on movement and the capabilities of your own body, making it much more effective. Your training. 

Pilates (Awareness) provides that body awareness that allows training to continue outside the gym, since the knowledge of muscles and joints is greater and that allows your body to order how to act against effort or vice in the posture of the day a day

The Fletcher Pilates applies a rational methodology during rehabilitation and does not harm the body, as all exercises are performed under the supervision of an experienced and qualified teacher. It will also give flexibility to the body part that is stiffer or with more tension, stability in the central musculature and strength to the weakest areas.

A program of 2 to 3 sessions per week will be enough to improve posture and alignment, thus increasing flexibility, strength, coordination and endurance.


If you are an athlete it will help you prevent injuries.

Practicing your exercises will correct muscle imbalances and help to obtain a more toned central musculature and this will have a beneficial impact on both prevention and recovery from injury. It will not be in any case a substitute for any physiotherapy treatment.

It will relieve neck and back pain.

Today it is very common to suffer cervical or low back pain mainly due to bad postures in front of computer screens and mobile phones. Periodic and continuous practice of the exercises will help you with the stabilization of the scapular region by strengthening the upper extremities and the neck, they will tone and stretch the central muscles and give you a body awareness so that you can make corrections in your posture of each to your life daily. Many physical therapists advise pain patients a Pilates plan apart from the treatments they carry out.

It will improve your flexibility.

Pilates looks for muscle groups to move through a full range of motion and that improves flexibility and less strain on muscles and joints. With this improvement in flexibility, pain, stiffness and the possibility of injury will decrease as movements produce less tension. Those movements firm the joints of the body without deteriorating them since Pilates causes a low impact and focuses on decompression. Almost everyone can do the basic movements, but keep in mind that in the case of recent surgery or serious injury, your doctor will need to authorize you to start an exercise program.

It will help reduce stress.

Focused concentration on breathing and movement makes a Pilates session feel more physically and mentally more relaxed. The movements made with elegance and fluidity combined with breathing techniques will make anyone feel refreshed despite having had a hard day at work.

It will change your body.

Pilates will not only make your abdomen flatter when your core muscles are stretched and strengthened, but with reference to your body and as Joseph Pilates said “in 10 sessions you will feel the difference, in 20 you will see the difference and in 30 you will have a new body ”. If you also want to lose weight, you must combine Pilates with some aerobic exercise such as cycling or running and, of course, have a diet supervised by a nutritionist that helps accelerate metabolism and therefore burn calories.


Franklin Method® uses the DynamicNeuro-cognitive Imagery ™, anatomical insights and educational methods to create lasting and positive change throughout the body and mind.

Eric N. Franklin is a Swiss dancer, movement educator, university professor, writer, and founder of the Franklin Method. A method that combines creative visualization, built-in anatomy, physical and metal exercises, and educational skills.

The Franklin Method was founded by Eric Franklin in 1994, where it was first disclosed: Switzerland, Germany and Austria and later in the United States, China, Japan and many other countries.

He earned his BA from Zurich University and his BA in Fine Arts from New York University's Tisch School of Arts. Eric. N Franklin is a professor at universities and schools around the world: such as the JuilliardSchool in New York, Rutgers University, the University of Vienna, the Royal Ballet School and the Laban Center in London. He has collaborated in the formation of world tour music companies of stars like Beyonce and CelineDion. In 1998 he introduced the dance conditioning methodology in China 

Eric N. Franklin has presented his methodology at numerous conferences: World Congress for Low Back and Pelvic Pain. The Alliance with the Pilates Method and the International Association of Dance Medicine and Science. Eric Franklin is the author of 21 books including: DynamicAlignmentthroughImagery (2012), Dance ImageryforTechnique and Performance (2013), Relax yourNeck - LiberateyourShoulders (2002), PelvicPower (2003), InnerFocus, OuterStrength (2006) and BeautifulBody, BeautifulMind (2009). Eric Franklin's books have been translated into German, Italian, Spanish, Polish, French, Czech, Chinese, and Korean.

The Franklin® Method is recognized by health professionals in Switzerland and regularly taking part in Dance, Pilates, Yoga and Physiotherapy conferences. One of the greatest discoveries of the 21st century is the plasticity of the brain; "The lives we live shape the brain we develop." The Franklin® Method is at the forefront of practical neuro-plasticity; Showing us how to use the brain to improve our body's function, he teaches us how to harness the transforming power of the mind. It can be applied to improve all your skills. It all starts with the knowledge that we have the power to change.

Franklin Method® teaches dynamic alignment and how to move with maximum efficiency to keep our bodies young and full of energy. We are part of a symphony of coordinated movements. In a sense, the posture is reinvented at every moment. At all times, the brain and nervous system must find and direct the ideal combination of limbs, joints, gravity, moving parts, connective tissue, and muscle.

 With this method you will learn a new dimension of training, a new bond with your being.

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