About Silvia

About me

Who's Silvia?

I'm SILVIA GUIDI DE KNAPPE. Born in Argentina and of German nationality

  • National Professor of Physical Education
  • Second Generation Pilates Trainer
  • Disciple of Lolita San Miguel, Pilates Elder
  • Fletcher Pilates Professional Trainer
  • Franklin Method Coach
  • Fascial Fitness Advanced Trainer
  • Back, pelvic floor and osteoporosis trainer
  • Pilates Method Alliance Member
  • Member of the German Pilates Association
  • Member of the Association of Pilates Trainers in Medicine and Sport e.v
  • Low Pressure Fitness Trainer (Hipopresivos)
  • Collaborator of the German firm Blackroll
  • Co-founder and Co-owner of Pliates Plus


In 1992 I began my professional career in the world of sports as a sports teacher at Institutes of Higher Education and Children, later continuing as an independent teacher, being one of the first Pilates trainers to introduce Pilates to the largest gyms in Munich. I owned: “LadysFirts” Studio Munich, “Pilates Plus Munich and Pilates Plus Akademie.

Currently, I am the Co-Founder and Co-Owner of Pilates Plus Akademie By Silvia Guidi from Knappe de Palma de Mallorca.

About me

How i got to pilates

At the age of 4, my mother (a fervent ballet fan), before my clumsy movements (it was her excuse), enrolled me in the Ballet school for children. I do not remember much that time, only that every year end, she would sew me, the most precious dress, to make the presentation of the school. I still remember the stage, the lights, my dance shoes and especially the castanets, which I kept for many years and is what I remember the most.

Over the years, the schools of Olga Ferri and Rodolfo Olguín followed, marking my beginnings.

With puberty and the search for the movement of my body, I met Noemi Coelho, with contemporary Ballet (the revolution came to me). There I did classes of different disciplines, Tango and above all what I liked the most was the Graham technique. I was the youngest in the class, and was not well regarded by my friends there. But I loved it, I will never forget the feeling of doing ballet, lying on that wooden floor, which smelled of work. How I enjoyed it. Under the pressure of my friends, unfortunately I left it, but what did not leave me was the feeling that this gave me. Ballet, Dance and later came sport, swimming and hockey, running and running until more power.

When deciding my future, I was inclined towards chemistry and anatomy, and I won sports. I secretly did physical education teachers, for my parents I finished with the title of systems analyst.

My first job was with DR. Ardariz (doctor at the General Military Hospital of Buenos Aires), with people with heart conditions. With him we talked for hours and hours about sports and health. The path was opening. After her classes the yoga group came. Her teacher, who will never forget her, was a slim avatar, dressed in white, like an angel.

She piqued my curiosity about yoga. I started and did the structured yoga, at the same time because physical education and the rest, I had no time for anything, but for all this information that life was putting in my way. Three years I was a perfect Yogi, my parents wanting to send me to the psychologist.

The pressure was enormous again, in yoga towards exercises that the teachers explained to me because they should NOT be done. Something was wrong, there was no explanation.

Root change, migrate, where? Germany, the country of sport. I fell in Munich in full swing of bodybuilding.
My gym life begins, I was lucky, once again, to meet excellent athletes, from school and friends of Arnold Schwarzenegger, bodybuilders of soul. With them I learned a lot from serving a beer, to the importance of food. Again, a public suffered as my dancing friends.

Gyms, gyms, aerobics, step and many more things were still in search. Visiting Buenos Aires, I passed by a showcase with training devices, which I did not know. Come in, train, I will never forget it, again the feeling !! And never leave it again. It was the Tamara di Tella room, it was Pilates, over the years I learned that it was Michael King who instructed them. Until then Pilates was unknown.

I returned to Germany and desperately looked for where those "reformers" were. In a small street I found Michaela Bimbi, in a small room with a sink outside the premises and there were 3 Reformers there !!! .

I started and finally knew that what I had looked for had arrived. An American Clark, did a Pilates Mat course in 1 physiotherapy room, we were 5 aerobic trainers who did it, I met the Pilates hoop. Michaela offered her Stott courses, which I also started and freaked out about. I started teaching Pilates Mat in the biggest gyms in Munich. Classes for instructors and for physical therapists. The road was already looming.

In my success I acquired a gym for women in the best area of ​​Munich, I bought 4 reformers and I waited forever, they were Allegro, balance body and came from USA As always, time was playing against me, too early for success. As many times I argued, I fought with people who criticized me and criticized the method, ironically a few years later they appeared as "specialists". Despite everything, I knew, I was sorry, it was what I sought so much. From that moment I started with what would be the iceberg, I had only seen the tip, and a huge and wonderful world opened up for me.

Not only in 1 device, there were many more !!!! Cadillac, chairs, barrels ... Take knowledge (thanks to the internet, who came to help me), of a disciple of Joseph Pilates. The Mrs. Lolita San Miguel, I asked her if she accepted me in her courses and that's how I started with her.

He started organizing an international congress in Mönchegladbach. In the city of Joseph, we all feel his spirit being there, as the teacher Kethy Corz said. It was at that event that I first saw the flecher towels. Again the internet told me that the 1st course in Europe was taking place in London. There I started my experience with Fletcher, Another iceber The next one. The breathing technique came to me.

Meanwhile in one of the gyms where they taught Pilates, they presented an Ideokinesis Workshop, which over time changed its name to be called as its creator Eric Franklin, whom I followed for many years and continue.

I did his school and I am still one of his coaches. Life was putting my experiences on the road. Like the encounter with Robert Schleip and his wife Divo Müller. This was what ended up closing my intrigues. After so many years, the question was closed. Where do those feelings come from ... because yoga exercises were not against the teachings of my studies. Why Pilates. Proof that he was on the right track.

It was the beginning of the Fascias! And I also had the opportunity to experience it. The next Iceberg.

A por ello y la historia no termina….

Walker, there is no path, the path is made by walking.

Antonio Machado.


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