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About us

We are a new center that opens its doors with the aim of improving your health and providing well-being to your body through the Pilates Method. Joseph Pilates said: "Being in good physical shape is the first requirement for happiness." We want to be the reference center for Pilates in Mallorca.
We follow the spirit of Joseph Pilates, who repeatedly pointed out that Pilates was better not only for training the muscles individually, but also for exercising the body holistically.
Pilates Plus, under the direction of Silvia Guidi de Knappe, a professional with extensive experience and training, is a center specialized in the training and formation of the Pilates Method.
Nuestro centro junto con nuestro colaborador Centrozen Pilates participa como fostering future program en Pilates Method Alliance (usa) y colaboramos con la fascia research society, entre otros. Organismos de reconocido prestigio internacional, que ahora os traemos a Mallorca.

What do we offer

1. Personalized classes

Specifically adapted to your needs, such as postural correction or recovery from an injury, etc. Our aim is to adapt to you in order to guarantee an improvement.

2. Group classes for all ages.

They will be worked on with a mat and machines and are indicated for all people who want to maintain a good physical condition.

3. Specific classes

Pre and post birth, recovery from injuries, etc.

4. Training

From the movement of the highly qualified Pilates method for exam preparation to the PMA.

5. Corporate pilates

From 30, 45 to 60 min duration, in our center or at your own company.

6. Continued training

Through our workshops.

7. Classes in multiple languages

In Spanish, German and English.

years of experience

Classes taught

Happy clients

Prevents injury

Our center offers you the security that with the practice of this method you will improve your physical and mental condition and that includes helping you to improve or prevent injuries.

Balance and coordination

Pilates Plus will help you improve balance and coordination of the body, strengthening the "Energy Center" (area between the base of the ribs and the pelvis) and the intra-articular muscles (they are those that give precision and control). present in every Pilates movement (implies the globality of the body). Pilates Plus through its exercises will shape and tone the body naturally.

Improve your posture

Nowadays when doing impact activities or with heavy weights or being forced to be static for hours or sitting, it can cause back pain. With the Pilates Method you can correct or improve body posture and just by practicing Pilates regularly for 3-4 weeks you will start to notice improvement.

Pilates during pregnancy

Pilates Plus offers Pilates classes for all months of pregnancy, following MIMAMI's own method, changing month by month according to the needs of each woman's body. During the Pilates class and as the pregnancy progresses, the exercises will focus on the arms, shoulders, shoulder girdle, back, hips and legs. This will improve your physical condition and make you feel better throughout your pregnancy. It is important to strengthen the abdominal muscles to support the uterus that is going to be enlarged. It is convenient at the end of pregnancy to increase stretching and teach breathing exercises for childbirth.

Goodbye back pain

With our MIMAMI method, focusing on women who are the fundamental piece in families, since they are the ones who have to reconcile work and family life the most, contributing considerable effort, they carry out activities that affect the spine causing pain backwards. For this reason, our Center offers Pilates exercises that will help you reduce / eliminate back pain. You will reduce stress levels and tension thanks to breathing control and improve your concentration.

Pilates during menopause

Pilates Plus can help women during menopause, the stage of life in which osteoporosis and osteopenia appear, very common pathologies in women. Regular Pilates practice can help you regenerate bone. Also during menopause, women face major physical changes (they often gain weight), mood swings (depression, irritability), insomnia. All these changes can be improved by doing Pilates classes since it works on the toning of the muscles of the body, abdominal breathing and concentration.

Benefits of Pilates Plus


Aviso Covid-19

Pilates Plus cumple con las normas de segurida e higiene del covid-19:

✔️ Sistema de aire acondicionado que ofrece una climatización optima.

✔️ Sistema de filtrado y renovación de aire constante.

✔️ Desinfección completa después de cada clase o sesión.

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